Membership benefits



  • Networking of members
    with the aim of finding business possibilities, execution of projects and initiatives of general interest.
  • Participation in projects
    members can start and execute projects and initiatives in partnership with NEVA (National Electric Vehicle Association) in accordance with mutual interests and Association mission. The members have the priority in joining donor and sponsor projects realized by NEVA.
  • Participation in promotional events
    significant discount (up to 50%) on participation in all promotional events organized by NEVA, workshops and webinars
  • Promotion and image strengthening
    by presence in the publications, on social networks and member’s site, the members distinguish themselves as socially responsible and engaged organizations, affirming their reputation in the society.
  • Information on NEVA activities
    free information on NEVA activities through periodical newsletter
  • Web marketing
    setting up company contact with direct link to its website
  • Participation in the forum
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