About us

We are NAAEV

National Association of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

NAAEV promotes the development, sale and use of electric, hybrid, fuel cell, light e-vehicles and autonomous vehicles in Serbia, as well as the construction of supporting infrastructure, with the aim of protecting the environment, encouraging and improving energy efficiency and increasing traffic safety.

The association engages and encourages the inclusion of existing and potential capacities of the domestic auto, mechanical, electrical and construction industries, as well as existing and future producers of electricity from renewable sources, in the use and development of new technologies, which can direct Serbia towards significant technological progress in the coming period.

Membership in EIT UM (European Institute of Innovation and Technology – Urban Mobility) and CCAM (Connected, Cooperative & Automated Mobility) enables NAAEV access to a large number of development and innovation projects of urban mobility, which provides a chance for involvement and specifically engagement of our scientific and professional potential, to which the association pays special attention.

Our concept is aimed at establishing a partnership between the public, business and civil sectors. Networking of domestic high-tech companies with significant export potential and scientific research and development organizations is a strategic path to successful and sustainable economic growth.

The main goal of the events that we will continuously organize is that, in addition to education, they are diverting and interesting, both for a wide audience and for professionals from the industry. Presentations of current topics, focused workshops that will include a large number of participants, panel discussions, testing of e-vehicles will form the basis of these events.

Academic partners and sector coordinators within the NAAEV Expert Council are: Mechanical, Technological-Metallurgical, Transport and Traffic, Electrotechnical, Physical and Organizational Sciences Faculties of the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Kragujevac and Faculties of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering of the University of Niš, as well as the Faculty of Applied Arts (Department of Industrial Design) of the University of Belgrade.

Technological and Corporate Partners of NAAEV are high-tech companies or Institutes whose professional and production potentials are include in the Association through the implementation of joint project activities. The technological partners of NAAEV are: Siemens d.o.o. Belgrade, Promaschinen d.o.o., Electrotechnical Institute “Nikola Tesla”, Servoteh d.o.o., Beiersdorf d.o.o., Benjo Energy d.o.o., Prosmart d.o.o., Delta Motors d.o.o., Meter & Control d.o.o., IMP Idvorski laboratories d.o.o. and BW-Belgrade Waterfront.

NAAEV is a contact point for companies, scientific research and development institutions that, within the framework of joint activities, includes in projects the development, manufacture and testing of electric and autonomous vehicles, infrastructure and their components, as well as the development of a wide range of innovative solutions for urban mobility.

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