• promotion of global electric vehicle industry (BEV, PHEV, FCEV, LEV), producers of batteries, infrastructural equipment and electricity from renewable energy sources (RES)
  • development of membership base
  • become the voice of members
  • develop cooperation with similar national, regional and international organizations
  • solicit corporate sponsors as supplement to the membership dues
  • organization of information exchange forums and meetings where members can get together and exchange potential business possibilities
  • continuous website updating as a response to our membership
    demands and interests


  • participate in fairs and other events within the set goals of the Association
  • incentives to volunteer activities aimed at motivating the broader community to achieve the set goals of the Association
  • organize expert workshops and seminars on topics of interest to the members
  • support in organization and cooperation with national and foreign experts and research institutions on elaboration and execution of relevant studies and projects


  • networking of local high-tech companies and research and development organizations with the aim to inclusion in development projects and the development of e-vehicles and their components as well as the development and construction of supporting infrastructure
  • develop business activities as a long-term and stable revenue source of the Association
  • develop NEVA network on the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia
  • perceive and evaluate the terms and options of creating a National Accreditation Center for rendering qualified services to electric vehicle producers, sellers and users
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