Mission and Vision

Our Mission


  • As the National Association of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles / NAAEV, we work on projects of research, development and innovative solutions for urban mobility, as well as on the promotion of the use of electric (BEV, PHEV, FCEV, LEV) and autonomous vehicles and the construction of the accompanying e-infrastructure on the territory of the Republic of Serbia .
  • For our members and the public, we will be a source of information about the current state and future possibilities of new technologies and their application in electric and autonomous vehicles.
  • We propose additions and changes to the existing legal regulations and especially indicate the necessity of introducing significant subsidies and benefits for buyers of electric vehicles in Serbia. We encourage the inclusion of existing and potential capacities of the domestic auto, mechanical, electrical and construction industries as well as producers of electricity from renewable sources (RES) to engage in the implementation of projects in this area. We support, organize and co-finance the cooperation of domestic and foreign experts and respectable scientific institutions in the development and implementation of relevant studies and projects.
  • The European energy and climate package, known as “Goals 20-20-20” as well as “climate and energy plan of Serbia until 2030”, essentially represents a comprehensive approach to combating globally negative environmental trends. With our activities, we make a strong contribution so that Serbia reaches the set goals. They represent the basis for building a responsible community that effectively disposes of its energy potential and encourages the development of industry based on renewable energy sources.

Our Vision


  • Our Vision is cities in Serbia free from exhaust gases and car engine noise, and approaching the achievement of the set “20-20-20 Goals”, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNF CCC), as well as the nationally determined contributions of the EU, i.e. its own “climate energy plan until 2030” we see as the most important stops on that road.
  • We consider thirty percent of electric vehicles and fifteen hundred charging stations on the roads of Serbia by the end of 2030 as marking the path to the realization of our Vision.
  • Realization of the project “5G R&D and TEST CENTER FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES AND DRONES” is the essence of our vision that directs Serbia towards significant technological progress.
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