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  • BOEM Completes Environmental Review of Proposed Wind Project Offshore Virginia 26. 09. 2023.
    In support of the Biden-Harris administration’s goal of deploying 30 gigawatts of offshore wind energy capacity by 2030, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has completed its environmental review of the proposed Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) commercial project, which BOEM estimates could power about 1 million homes with clean, renewable energy if approved. […]
    Guest Contributor
  • Spot The EV: These Are The EVs I bumped Into In The USA, Part 2 26. 09. 2023.
    In the first six months of 2023, over 670,000 EVs were sold in the USA, with over 80% of those fully electric vehicles as reported in a recent article here on CleanTechnica, The report adds that it took 8 years for the first million EV sales, but now more than a million have been sold […]
    Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai
  • Louisiana’s Saltwater Problem Shows Us How Climate Change Can Have Complex, Unanticipated Consequences 26. 09. 2023.
    According to news reports like this one, southern Louisiana is having some serious problems with water that are only going to get worse in the coming weeks. Let’s first take a look at the chain of events that caused this. Today’s problem is that salty water from the ocean is finding its way upstream from […]
    Jennifer Sensiba
  • How Far Off Were My Projections For Small Rideable Electric Vehicles? 26. 09. 2023.
    Electric rideables are absurdly efficient at moving people and small loads through urban areas without causing congestion, without noise, without pollution and without greenhouse gas emissions.
    Michael Barnard
  • Rimac Strikes Key Deals For Battery Production, US Distribution 26. 09. 2023.
    In some previous articles, I shared some really nice videos of the Rimac Nevera. The Rimac Nevera is an all-electric sports car designed and manufactured by the Croatian automotive manufacturer Rimac Automobili. It is a high-performance vehicle known for its incredible speed and power. While it’s an expensive vehicle, it was able to beat the […]
    Jennifer Sensiba
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