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  • DHL Expanding Charging Infrastructure for Electric Trucks in Germany, New EV Center in Shanghai 26. 05. 2024.
    DHL Group is expanding its charging infrastructure for electric trucks with stations provided by E.ON Based on the framework agreement, fast-charging infrastructure will be established at DHL Group locations in Germany. The contract entails the establishment of fast-charging infrastructure at DHL Group distribution centers DHL service partners will also have ... [continued] The post DHL […]
    Press Release
  • Another Day Another Bad Bought & Paid For Hydrogen Pipeline Report, This One From Arup 26. 05. 2024.
    One part of the weird obsession with hydrogen for energy over the past several years, especially in Europe but also in the USA, are the number of reports analyzing how and where the pipelines will go and what will be required in ports. It’s all a house of cards as ... [continued] The post Another […]
    Michael Barnard
  • Redwood Partners with Ultium Cells 26. 05. 2024.
    At Redwood, our process involves sourcing end-of-life batteries and production scrap as well as raw materials and then recycling, refining, and remanufacturing these feedstocks into critical battery materials for North American cell manufacturers at gigafactory-scale. Redwood is now working with Ultium Cells LLC—the joint battery cell manufacturing venture between General ... [continued] The post Redwood […]
    Press Release
  • $25 Million to Lower Home Energy Bills for American Families 26. 05. 2024.
    President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda is Building Up a Clean Energy Workforce, Advancing Innovative Energy Saving Technologies, and Helping Low-Income Households Save Money on Home Energy Costs  WASHINGTON, D.C. — As part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) this week announced 13 ... [continued] The post $25 […]
    US Department of Energy
  • Publishing On Cement Decarbonization Brings Challenges, Corrections And More Approaches 26. 05. 2024.
    A few days ago I went deep on cement again, using an assessment of the processes of American clean cement startups Sublime Systems and Brimstone to define the scope and magnitude of the problem, the chemistry and energy requirements of cement, why fixing it is critically important, and incidentally evaluate ... [continued] The post Publishing […]
    Michael Barnard
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