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  • Trying To Find A Charge At An Off-Grid Expo 13. 09. 2022.
    What do you do when you a have a lot of travelling to do and limited access to power? You ask your mates for a hand. In the Aussie tradition of mate ship, I reached out and was offered a top-up, but it didn’t work. Tess was attending the Goomeri Off Grid Expo, and to […]
    David Waterworth
  • AEVA Presents Electric Vehicles in Australia’s Capital 29. 08. 2022.
    The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) played host to the Australian Electric Vehicles Association’s (AEVA) annual conference earlier this month. Running from August 5 through to 7 and incorporating a conference with gala dinner and 2 days of exhibitions, the event was designed to provide knowledge on current and emerging electric vehicles in the market. Patrons […]
    David Waterworth
  • Royal Automobile Club of Queensland Pivots to EVs 28. 06. 2022.
    The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland ran its annual Motorfest day on the 19th June. Sadly, it was the same date as the Noosa EV Expo and I was unable to attend. Many of my friends did and they have graciously allowed me to use their comments. RACQ Events Manager Tamara Van Der Walt said […]
    David Waterworth
  • Repowering Gladstone 16. 06. 2022.
    Gladstone Ecofest, with the motto Repowering Gladstone, has a history of promoting environmental issues, but also difficulty attracting electric vehicles to the event. Locals seem reluctant to display their Teslas (yes, there are some in this huge coal export hub). The fact that the event is sponsored by major energy companies firmly committed to fossil […]
    David Waterworth
  • Opinion: US Regulators Need To Stop Trying To Silence Elon Musk 07. 04. 2022.
    US regulators need to stop attempting to silence Elon Musk. TechCrunch recently reported that US securities regulators said that they have the authority to subpoena the Tesla CEO about his tweets and are pressuring a federal judge to not let Elon “get away with tweeting with abandon.” Earlier this year, Elon Musk called the actions […]
    Johnna Crider
  • How Car Companies Bribe Journalists (Video) 07. 02. 2022.
    Do car companies bribe journalists, and if so, how exactly do they do this? In a video by Sam Alexander shared on YouTube titled “How Car Companies Bribe Journalists,” Sam addressed the legal ways that car companies such as Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford, Volkswagen, and others are able to bribe journalists for positive coverage. Sam […]
    Johnna Crider
  • Biden Admin Willing To Get Help From Tesla On Auto Chip Shortage 05. 02. 2022.
    President Biden is ready to “say Tesla” on the condition that Tesla helps to solve the semiconductor supply chain crisis. More specifically, President Biden wants to know how Tesla did so well while the so-called EV leaders as well as other automakers and manufacturers have been struggling. This sounds like one of those fake “I’ll […]
    Johnna Crider
  • Don’t Feed the Dingoes, Beware of the Wild Dogs 05. 02. 2022.
    These are the signs that met us as we started our wedding anniversary stay at Rice’s cabins in the Bunya Mountains. The dingo notice was on the fridge in the cabin, the wild dog notice was at the beginning of the nature walks in the national park. Although we saw (and photographed) lots of wallabies, […]
    David Waterworth
  • 83.7% Of Cars Sold In Norway In January 2022 Were EVs 05. 02. 2022.
    The Norway auto market in January 2022 saw more EV sales and fewer gas car, diesel car, and hybrid EV sales yet again, OFV reported in its recent analysis of Norwegian January car sales. CleanTechnica also published a report and original charts on these results. In total, there were 7,957 new passenger cars registered in […]
    Johnna Crider
  • What Would Happen If Biden Acknowledged Tesla? 05. 02. 2022.
    What would happen if President Biden actually acknowledged Tesla’s EV leadership? I think it would be a good thing not just for Tesla, but for all other automakers. For me, it’s about trust and integrity. However, some may not agree with me and that’s okay. I saw a post in Reddit today that shared the […]
    Johnna Crider

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  • Rwanda Electric Motors Will Celebrate 50 Million Kilometers Driven By Its Electric Motorcycle Fleet 08. 02. 2023.
    Africa hosts an estimated 27 million motorbikes (motos), out of which 80% is estimated to be used for commercial taxi service. All these motos have the potential to soon be riding on electricity! The motorcycle sector has been getting attention when it comes to electrification due to the large addressable market. Electric motorcycles are also […]
    Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Investments Ballooned In 2022 08. 02. 2023.
    Electric vehicles currently only represent about 6% of new vehicle sales in the US, but a huge industrial shift toward battery projects suggests that the figure could skyrocket in the coming years. Tesla’s market dominance has other automakers making major investments into automotive batteries, and it’s hard to keep track of the new EV battery […]
    Guest Contributor
  • Cauchari Solar Initiative Giving Argentina a Boost into Clean Energy Future 08. 02. 2023.
    The largest solar project in South America is situated at over 13,000 feet above sea level in the far north of Argentina. In 2019, this project was inaugurated with over 1,000,000 solar panels generating power for 160,000 homes. At its onset, the project consisted of three individual PV fields, the Caurachi I, II, and III. […]
    Otto Gunderson
  • Spot The EV: These Are The EVs I Bumped Into In 5 US Cities 08. 02. 2023.
    The share of electric vehicle in new vehicle sales in the US was close to 6% in 2022. At the end of 2022, there were over 50 electric vehicle models available for purchase on the US retail market. The market leader in the US is Tesla, but other brands are also starting to get some […]
    Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai
  • Portable Energy Storage System Launched on Kickstarter by OUKITEL 08. 02. 2023.
    OUKITEL has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its ABEARL P5000 Pro portable power generator. The portable energy storage system uses a premium LiFePO4 battery with up to 5 kWh capacity and a 4000W bi-directional inverter. One ABEARL P5000 Pro unit has a maximum power output of 4000W and can power 240V and 120V appliances […]
    Guest Contributor
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